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Maya 2017 Update 3 includes a new API to help quickly create MASH networks with Python. Below are 4 examples that will hopefully get you started. To use them, copy and paste the Python into the Script Editor, and then run the script. signalcolour

Morphing from a Torus to a Sphere using a Volume Axis Field for Turbulence. This project is pretty cool as it shows how to use Flight to do something completely unrelated to flocking, it’s essentially being hijacked and turned into a particle system (the align/cohere/separate/ gravitate strengths are all set to 0). The ability to plug a particle field into Flight is also new in Update 3. merge-flight-field


Parquet Flooring. There are many ways to do this kind of thing with MASH (I can think of at least 8), this method uses the Symmetry and Replicator nodes. It’s not really that useful, but it might inspire. symmetryreplicator